‘Bioshock’ creators’ new game might come sooner than expected

An ad for a senior producer’s position at Ghost Story Games (an offshoot gang of Bioshock developers) states that development for its maiden game following is “in later stages of production”.

It’s been a good time for leaks lately. They’ve shown that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is all but confirmed, and we knew that Metal Gear Solid was coming to PC well before an announcement was made. Now, it’s a job ad that’s creating some hype among fans of the System Shock and Bioshock series.

Ghost Story Games, staffed largely by developers who worked on these series for Irrational Games before it was shrunk down and rebranded, has been rumoured to have been working on a new sci-fi shooter with RPG elements for about a year now.

Bioshock Big Daddy

Despite the news that production has entered “the later stages”, the reputation of creative director Kevin Levine is such that fans might be waiting a while yet before we learn more about what this game might hold for us.

A snippet in the ad suggests the same, stating that Ghost Story Games is a “… team of less than 35 people that is committed to judging by quality, not arbitrary timeliness.”

There is, however, a hint about the potential structure of the game’s story. The ad suggests that potential candidates might glean some understanding from Levine’s 2014 talk at GDC, in which he discussed using “narrative legos” in building their new game.

Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea

Fans of games with the word ‘shock’ in them will no doubt be eager to find out more about this mysterious title. The System Shock and Bioshock games broke a lot of narrative ground and pushed the boundaries of story delivery in gaming.

We’re naturally excited to see what might come out of a studio that has diluted and concentrated the process that went into creating these favourites. Those looking to fuel their curiosity might like to check out Levine’s talk below: