‘Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’: all the rumours so far

New leaks from South Korea’s ratings committee solidify Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’s status as the most confirmed unconfirmed release ever.

At this point, development of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is among the industry’s worst kept secrets. Widely believed to be a remastered collection of the much-loved Mass Effect trilogy, news of the its development has been leaking like a particularly incontinent sieve for months now.

Rumours began all the way back in early May when reporter Jeff Grubb broke the news that an unspecified ‘HD remake of an EA game’ was the Mass Effect trilogy, and they’ve hardly slowed down since.

Mass Effect Screenshot
Image: Electronic Arts

It was Grubb again who revealed the official name Mass Effect: Legendary Edition in an interview with The Xbox Expansion Pass in late September. This was followed days later by rumours that release for the remaster had been pushed into 2021, due to both the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the need for improvements on the remaster of the first Mass Effect game.

Now, a fresh leak from the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea has all but confirmed the existence of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Leaks from ratings entities such as these have a history of revealing otherwise unannounced titles, and provide clear evidence that something, at least, must exist to be rated.

For fans of the excellent Mass Effect trilogy, this can only come as good news. Our personal hope is that the remastered games buffer out some of the originals’ more egregious time-padding features, such as the janky planet exploration in the first game, and the laborious planet scanning in Mass Effect 2.

At this point, pretty much all we’re waiting on is a final, official announcement from EA, which could come any day now. Hopefully then, we’ll get some clearer details about exactly what is being remastered.