Caylene's new single 'What You Like' saturates the body in a red hue

Caylene’s new single ‘What You Like’ saturates the body in a red hue

Aussie artist, Caylene, delivers a sizzling soul tune What You Like, trickling down the sensual spine of R&B.

Oozing with it’s magnetic melody, 22-year-old singer/songwriter, Caylene, delivers What You Like on a glistening silver platter.

The R&B artist echoes the gorgeous rhythm of connecting to a significant other, seeping sensually within an electric beat.


Making music ahead of her years, What You Like is just a glimmer of Caylene’s wide calibre. With vocals that ooze like honey on the skin, and a passion that trickles down the spine.

Describing her sound as “feeling” music, there is nothing static about this storyteller, dipping into a swirled blend of trap, soul and R&B to paint her enticing soundscape in rose-bleeding red.


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Whilst the tune is layered with electric pulls and tugs, it is Caylene’s voice that is the veining current throughout the track. With a level of ease and calmness, Caylene sings with an enticing affection; “I know what you like”. 

The track, seeps into the feelings of desire and knowing someone so intimately that you can anticipate What You Like. 

The tune was brought to life with songwriter Xavier Mendes and producer Kuda Beats. What You Like hooks you from the second the bass vibrates the speaker, and lingers like a sweet familial scent long after it ends.

Similar to the echoes of Tinashe and Dani Leigh, Caylene is an artist to get excited about with her sensually bursting tunes and electrically buzzing lyrics. As Caylene describes, the track is a blissful bedroom banger, deserved to be felt with a partner.

Become enticed by Caylene’s captivating melody, What You Like, below