Check out a young Foo Fighters performing their fourth-ever gig

Check out a young Foo Fighters performing their fourth-ever gig

What appears to be the earliest known footage of the Foo Fighters performing live has surfaced on its 25th anniversary.

The concert was their fourth-ever show, and it took place on March 4, 1995, at a small club in Seattle called Velvet Elvis Arts Lounge.

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Check out the Foo Fighters playing their fourth-ever gig in the earliest known footage of the band filmed exactly 25 years ago.

The footage was captured by Nirvana fan Travis Stanley, who has now released it on the 25th anniversary of the show. At the time, Stanley misheard the band’s name and saved the file as “Food Fighters” in his video camera’s title card.

Speaking to the crowd before starting the show, frontman Dave Grohl can be heard describing: “I don’t have a voice, I gotta pee, everyone’s ready to go.”

The set lasted for 42 minutes, featuring tracks like Big Me, Alone + Easy Target, For All the Cows, and more.

In other news, Foo Fighters have recently announced the return of their self-curated music festival Cal Jam.

Check out the performance and setlist below.

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  1. Butterflies
  2. Winnebago
  3. Floaty
  4. Big Me
  5. Watershed
  6. For All the Cows
  7. I’ll Stick Around
  8. Alone + Easy Target
  9. Podunk
  10. Exhausted