The Sony Walkman is getting on 37, check out one of it’s original commercials from 1981

The Sony Walkman was an absolute staple for portable music players, and probably an inspiration for the huge array of fun-sized options we have today. First released in 1979, the Walkman has seen multiple incarnations: cassette-based, the CD Walkman, and more recently MP3 capable models.

Regardless of which one you owned, the Walkman is responsible for beaming millions of hours of music straight to listeners’ heads over the years.

Sony Walkman

This is how you advertise. Big smiles, a catchy jingle and impromptu dancing.

Behold, the 1981 TV commercial for the original Sony Walkman. Take note, advertisers. A jingle this mean is bound to bore into the heads of men, women and children of all ages, and never ever leave.

See the ad below in all its corny, nostalgic, 80’s glory:

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