Rock Legends Queens of the Stone Age have confirmed getting back into the studio

Queens of the Stone Age have been quiet since their massive 2013 release Like Clockwork. It was a big year for the rockers – three tracks from the album appeared in our Hottest 100, a sure feat for any group from outside Australia. The record was nominated for the Best Rock Album Grammy, and My God Is The Sun, the album’s first single was also nominated for Best Rock Performance.

Recently, the silence has been broken.

Queens of the Stone Age

It’s been three years since Queens of the Stone Age’s last album, and millions of fans are sure to be hanging out for the newest from these rock legends.

“We’re excited to get back together to follow up Like Clockwork, which, you know, was a really, really big record for us.”

Days ago, Queens guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen bust out some pretty huge news about an upcoming release for the band. He appeared as a featured guest on rock podcast 2 Hours With Matt Pinfield, and during the half hour interview, Van Leeuwen talked the old and, more importantly, the new.

“We’re going to do something before the end of the year, as far as recording goes.”

On that timeline, hopefully a 2017 release can be expected. Looking forward to hearing what these absolute rockstars will pump out. Stay tuned.