Chet Faker pulls out of WA’s Disconnect Festival due to serious injury that will put him out of action for 2 months

Chet Faker has announced he will not be performing at the inaugural Disconnect Festival in WA due to a serious foot injury that has plagued the singer for quite some time.

chet faker disconnect festival

Taking to his Facebook to apologise to fans he said:

“Disappointed that I can’t make it out to my Perth family next week, for Disconnect Festival. Sometimes life kicks like a mule. Hope y’all have fun without me. Break a leg.”

Chet Faker has had multiple operations on his foot in recent times, judging from his x-rays it’s pretty bad:

Chet Faker injury

The injury is said to keep Chet Faker from performing for at least two months, lest he risk greater injury.

Thankfully it has been confirmed that Touch Sensitive has agreed to fill the slot.

Ticket enquiries can be made via Ticketbooth.