Marvel writer jokingly threatens to kill off Iron Man to prevent his son from getting bullied, and its gone viral.

Marvel writer jokingly threatens to kill off Iron Man to prevent his son from getting bullied, and its gone viral.

With great power comes great responsibility, and no one feels this more than a Marvel writer.  Christopher Cantwell tweeted he would kill off Iron Man in a bid to stop his son from being bullied at pre-school, and it’s gone ballistic.

Christoper Cantwell, the writer of Marvel Comics, Iron Man, Obi-Wan, and U.S of Captain America, jokingly threatened to kill off Iron Man, in a bid to prevent his preschool-aged son from further bullying.  

Parents do what they can to prevent bullying at schools, but it’s not easy, especially when emotions get in the way, and an overriding instinct to protect kicks in. So when his young son came home from preschool, telling his father about a bully that pushed him down a slide, well, Cantwell, gave him some advice on how to deal with said bully next time.

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Cantwell’s advice/threat caused quite the stir on Twitter this morning after Cantwell threatened he would kill off Iron Man if his son’s preschool-aged bully steps out of line again. Impassioned by his son’s ordeal, on Tuesday after the incident at his son’s preschool, which involved a bully pushing his son down a slide, he decided to use his job as leverage,  and he told his son to tell the bully he had the power to determine Iron Man’s fate.

A kid in my son’s preschool bragged about reading Marvel Comics but he also pushed my son off the top of the slide, so I told my son to tell him that if that happens again, I’m going to kill Iron Man in the next issue and have him say as he’s dying ‘This is because of Ryan'”, Cantwell tweeted.

The comic book writer’s tweet has resonated with parents and marvel fans everywhere, racking up more than 167.8K Likes and counting, and generated a lot of interest, with comments ranging from ‘hero dad’ and “best dad ever” to a series of images quoting “this is because of Ryan”

He followed up with the tweets, assuring fans that whole the thought might be tempting, he is not actually about to Kill off Iron Man.

“I obviously have power to do this and no message will be relayed, as much I’m tempted to engage in racketeering with children’s imaginations,” Cantwell tweeted.

“HA I meant “NO power” as in, NONE. I follow the rules and guidelines of the syllabus!”