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Classic 60s amp tones at your feet: Mad Professor’s Super Black

Mad Professor has just unveiled their newest addition to the stompbox market: Super Black. A guitar pedal modelled after one of the most recorded series of guitar amps in history, the Fender Blackface.Mad-Professor-Super-Black

The Super Black replicates the signal path of the classic ’60s amp, providing punchy scooped mids, bright cleans and vintage breakup tones.

Controls include bass, middle, treble, gain, volume and presence. There’s also two mini switches – one for bass and one for compression, designed to account for the variation in amounts of low end and compression present in original models of Fender’s Blackface amps. Mad Professor’s best-selling Sweet Honey Overdrive circuit has been added as a front-end boost, accessible via its own on/off switch and volume and drive controls.

There’s a particular sound that people often refer to as that classic ‘Fender Sound’. A sought after clean tone with a creamy breakup (think of The Beatles or Neil Young).  This sound is commonly attributed to the overdriving of preamps in tube amplifiers.

When turned up, Blackface amps are known for producing some of the most sought after overdriven tones of all time. With the implementation of independent gain and volume controls, this flexibility allows players to nail the perfect tone at any volume.

This pedal has been designed to run as the core preamp tone of a player’s setup with the intention to be looped via your amp’s FX loop, bypassing your amp’s built-in preamp tone.

The Super Black will be available December 15 for around $250. For more information, head to Mad Professor.

Take a look at the official demo from Mad Professor below: