Happy Mag’s picks for the best gifts for musicians for under $50

From custom guitar picks to premium plug-ins, here’s a range of musician must-haves that won’t break the bank.  

Everyone has a beloved musician in their life. While befriending a musician might do wonders for your ears, it’s a different story when their birthday is coming up and your gift basket is running empty.

To top it all off, the gear required for life as a musician is notoriously expensive, so you often wind up gifting an artist a measly So Fresh CD (admittedly iconic, but still not ideal). 

brixton made for music

Thankfully, there’s a raft of gift options out there for musicians (and their friends) to choose from, sure to put a smile on the faces of all the DJs, guitarists and drummers in your life without breaking the bank.

That’s why we’re sifting through some stellar (and inexpensive) gift ideas for your musician pals. What’s more, most of these options are prizing partners for Happy Mag’s Needle In The Hay, so you can rest assured that while under the fifty-dollar mark, you’re still getting premium gear.

Without further ado, here’s our picks for the best gifts for musicians, all for under $50.

fender gifts under 50 bucks



This might be a no-brainer, but the wares on offer over at Fender are the cream of the crop. The renowned instrument company is known for its quality, which extends to an expansive range of guitar accessories.

From a range of wallets,  guitar straps, to pick tins, instrument cables and amp covers, Fender’s accessories promise unmatched quality without breaking the bank. See some gift options for under $50 here.

soundtoy gifts


Got a master mixer or budding DJ in your life? Look no further than Soundtoys, the plug-ins wizards who bring colour, character, and creativity to digital music studios the world over.

Gift wise, its a no brainer to take advantage of their gift cards, and their sales – like this decades of echo devices in a single plug-in for a mere 49 bucks. And if you are not sure about what plugins your music aficionado is into, then next best thing is a gift card.

And better yet, they don’t expire, so you can ensure that your loved one is always within reach of the next must-have plug in. See Soundtoys range here.  

Grover Allman Needle In The Hay

Grover Allman 

Has the guitarist in your life been resorting to chipped picks and calloused fingers? Then they’re certainly in the market for Grover Allman’s essential range of guitar picks.

The guitar masters offer a variety of custom printed, glow in the dark and etched picks. Want to print your face on your guitarist friend’s pick so they’ll remember you forever? Want to gift them the most durable pick in the game? Head to Grover Allman’s website here.  

best hats under 50 bucks - brixton


So maybe your musician friend already has all the premium gear they could ask for.

Well, the next logical step is to ensure they look the part, and since music and fashion have always gone hand-in-hand (the aesthetics of punk, jazz and country in particular), your best bet is to help them in the wardrobe department.

That’s where Brixton comes in. With their selection of stylish hats, caps and beanies, the apparel company allows every musician the chance to make fashion an extension of their art. See Brixton’s headwear range here.  

dendy valentines day

Dendy Tickets 

If all else fails, you can always count on Dendy. Everyone, including musicians, loves a movie night, and the virtuosos in your life might appreciate a break between sessions with whatever is showing at the beloved cinema.

If you’re quick enough, you might even be able to nab tickets to Bob Marley: One Love, a biopic that’s sure to please the reggae fans in your life. For more information, head to Dendy’s website here.