Clay J Gladstone releases a bender anthem for the emo in us all, ‘Melancholy Lunacy’

On his latest single, Clay J Gladstone has reinvigorated the stylings of pop-punk and emo. Soothing in its reflections but unapologetic in its hooks, Melancholy Lunacy is a release for the ages.

Pop-punk holds a very dear place in my heart. Everytime I hear a nearly single-note bass line or those acidic riffs, I’m immediately transported back to my youth: a simpler time where Paramore was the height of musical ingenuity. As a genre, pop-punk has an incredible way of translating agony through addictive tones. It’s bloodthirsty without being overwhelming, compelling but without taking itself too seriously. On his latest single, Clay J Gladstone brings the genre into a new light of possibilities.

Melancholy Lunacy is a track for anyone who finds relief in brutal choruses. Gritty, perversive, and utterly luscious, the song speaks to the venomous repercussions alcohol can have during moments of instability, particularly when it’s used as a distraction from the present.

clay j gladstone
From the moment it begins, Melancholy Lunacy celebrates all the best parts of pop-punk but through ambitious hooks and unchartered details. The chords are deeper, the words more poignant, and the ferocity more palpable than ever before. It’ll have you pressing rewind again and again.

Deceptively soft in the beginning, Gladstone ushers you into the inferno of his sonic: blistering and peeling melody into intricate strands. Singing from a place of agony, the track speaks to an experience that most of us live but rarely discuss. It is far too easy to turn to a hectic night out into a way to ignore our headspace but, as Melancholy Lunacy will aptly tell you, this escape ends up cutting deeper.


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“Well, the song is about going on an all-time epic bender when you’re probably not in the right mental state to do so,” the artist explains. “The music clip is inspired by the movie Requiem For a Dream. Will be dropping an EP in the coming months. Really trying to bring back the pop-punk and emo vibes.”

It’s safe to say that Gladstone is one who you’ll be wanting to keep on your radar. An immense command of sonic at his fingertips and much more on the way, we’re on the edge of our seats waiting to see what he delivers next.

Catch Clay J Gladstone at Frankie’s Pizza on September 12th. Check out the video for Melancholy Lunacy below: