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Club Camèl weave a timeless tale into explosive indie-rock on ‘Want You’

It seems that history’s most acclaimed narratives all explore the same agony; the unbridled pain of wanting what you can’t have. Rather than opting for the quintessential tragedies that we all know and love, Club Camèl explode their story onto the canvas of indie-rock. On their latest single Want You, the band bring a tale told through the ages into the modern-day.

The Shellharbour four-piece are exploring a pain experienced by us all through big lyrics and riffs that will make your heart melt. It’s one of those tracks that erupts from the minute it begins. Although Want You is only the band’s second release, Club Camèl have achieved what a lot of artists take years to master.

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Club Camèl are exploring an age-old tragedy within the addictive walls of indie-rock. Want You boasts explosive hooks that will have you pressing repeat all day and holds a poignant message that we can all relate to.

It always seems that the most powerful songs are the ones you don’t expect. You certainly wouldn’t expect lyricism as narrative, as emotive as in Want You to come from a hook-laden rock classic. What Club Camèl have managed to build in their second single is a sonic sensitivity up there with the industry’s greats. The track’s irresistible riffs create the perfect gateway for lyrics to be emphasised, while a sweltering bass line drives the sheer nuance throughout the track.

“‘Want You’ was inspired by trying to encapsulate big riff-like guitars accompanied with a singalong chorus,” the band explain. “A bit like a RHCP funk inspiration with an Oasis vibe and indie-pop twist.”


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Our new single ‘Want You’ will be available for the world next Sunday. Been holding onto this one for a while now, stoked to finally show you ⚡️🧡⁣ ⁣ 📸 @dazeuplate

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However, just like their inspirations, a richer meaning lies underneath this sonic mastery. Want You filters around heartbreak and longing in the most captivating way imaginable. Scorching melodies give way to the story of a relationship coming to its end on a summer’s afternoon, the haunting memory of what could have been still lingering in the air.

“When playing live the verse lyrics were often improvised on stage as they were not finalised till much later,” Julius Boess (Vocals, Guitar), Cameron McPhail (lead guitar), Cole Lynch (bass) and Sean Nolan (drums) reveal. “The song originated from the opening riff and bass part that Julius wrote a while back before the band was formed.”

What resulted was a formidable classic, placing the group up to the same artistic level as their inspirations.

Check out the track below: