Come Together In Isolation: weird ways Sydney locals are keeping entertained

Sydney locals have been getting pretty creative to avoid cabin fever, and dodging that other disease – can’t remember the name of it.

We spoke to a bunch of them about how they were keeping busy, and whilst our contributors were offered cool pseudonyms like “wet dinosaur” or “broken pot plant” unfortunately, most were adamant about receiving their slice of fame.

come together in isolation, coronavirus

With widespread advice to remain indoors for the foreseeable future, here are some of the ways Sydney locals are staying sane.

“I’m currently up the coast. Dad and I are rating ads on TV on how bad they are. Finder.com.au, Channel 9’s The Enemy Within and Pepper Money are the worst ones we’ve seen. Aldi ads go off though.” – Olivia, 22

“Having tea over zoom video conferencing. Also masturbating heaps. Pandemic vibes lmao.” – Nicole, 23

“Planning to cook things, spending money on exorbitant amounts of cleaning and hygiene products. I’m making care packages for my colleagues. I’ve been very unproductive for the most part.” – Charlotte, 27

“I made a Sydney Light Rail themed guided meditation yesterday. – Sophie, 22

“Desperately trying to find a sewing machine someone will lend me to teach myself to sew. And I’ve currently got a half-broken chair I’m trying to convert into a planter box for my room. I’m still living large.” – Leslie, 22

Leslie’s broken but promise-filled chair

“Cutting my toenails into points, stealing rosemary off my neighbour’s bush, trying to play the trumpet through my butt. Nothing much out of the ordinary.” – Leah, 36.

“Drinking beer and eating pickles on my front porch, calling my friends more, running an online nightclub from my bedroom with some mates and finishing off some albums.” – Charles, 22

“I’m not doing anything exciting. I should be doing more weird things. Probably not long before that stuff begins.” – Bernie, 23

“On Saturday I got super drunk and read Deltora Quest. Tonight I may bully my housemate into cutting my hair. Who knows what joys this may bring!!!” – Nicola, 23

Emily Rodda’s 2000 fictional series Deltora Quest

“Smoked a joint and watched a full Brian Jonestown Massacre concert from the comfort of my bed last night.” – Jason, 25

“I stole paint samples from Bunnings and cut them into flowers for my wall. It was very discreet.” – Taylor, 17

“I’ve been making ransom letters out of old books and magazines. Also figuring out how to make egg yolkgurt. Dunno what it is. I just thought of it.” – Hugh, 23

“Photoshopping George Negus in front of Parisian landmarks.” – Jasmine, 19

Jasmine’s art piece: George Negus poses in front of the Arc de Triomphe

“Lots of crafts. Our house is learning to crochet (we’re going to make a blanket), learning TikTok dances and making pot plants with air-dry clay. I’m also waiting for a giant puzzle coming in the mail.” – Ruby, 24

“I’ve been riding my bike and reading.” – Paul, 72

“I’ll probably clean the house later and organise a live-streamed trivia session for Thursday. Did a quirky thing as well and decided to defer uni. I am not going to stew pears.” – Liv, 23

“Actually being productive and washing my hands with soap, two things I’m not used to. Don’t tell mum.” – Joss, 22

Stay safe out there everyone.