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Contemplating a creative career? Come to JMC Academy’s Open Day!

If you are pursuing a career in Creative Industries, or if the thought intrigues you, JMC Academy are having Open Days right throughout August in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

This is a perfect opportunity for prospective students to take a tour of the campus and check out the facilities. Attendees will also be able to try out some of the gear, talk to current students, and stop by the campus studios and listen to the student bands.

jmc academy open day 2019

Come along to a JMC Open Day this August in either Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane for a taster of what life would be like as a JMC student.

JMC Academy is a haven for the creative types. They truly believe that creativity has no bounds, which is why they have ditched all OP and ATAR entry requirements. So come prepared, but also come along with an open mind and soak up the campus culture.

JMC was awarded the Higher Education Provider of the Year by the Australian Council for Private Education and Training. It is also the only Australian institution to join the Berklee College of Music’s International Network, a prestigious institution that boasts an impressive list of alumni.

For prospective music students interested in taking the formal education route, JMC offers courses in music production, performance, the more industry-facing entertainment management, and plenty of other areas including animation and video game design.

On the day you’ll be able to either take in the campus by yourself or touch base with any of the current students, who will be milling around every new corner, ready to show you the space or answer any questions you may have about the academy. Once you register, you’ll also be emailed an Open Day program a week out from the event. This will list the activities you can take part in and include a map, which will be super useful.

And most importantly – have fun! The Open Day is also the perfect opportunity for you to discover your niche and learn what course aligns best with you. See the Open Day dates below.

JMC Academy Open Days

JMC Brisbane Open Day – 10th August 2019
JMC Sydney Open Day – 17th August 2019
JMC Melbourne Open Day- 24th August 2019

Find out more about JMC Academy here, and register for any of the Open Days here.