PREMIERE: Pepperhead take no bullshit in new vid for Psycho Sideshow

Pepperhead are exactly as the name suggest. Hot, fast and driven, with an overwhelming attitude of no bullshit.

Their latest clip for Psycho Sideshow is a full throttle, wall to wall, screamer, and it sounds best on repeat.


Pepperhead’s new single is a fiery, story of unrequited infatuation. The film clip is even more enticing, drawing you into a whirlpool of amusement rides.

The Sydney 4-piece burst onto the scene in 2016 with a live EP titled the Housefox Sessions. Since then they have carefully crafted their own brand of off the wall, punk-rock, while channelling all excess energy into their live show.

Their latest film clip takes place in a theme park amidst the whirling carousels and pretty lights. A lovestruck couple dance around dreamily between kisses as they flounder in romantic reverie.

A fiery story of unrequited infatuation, things kick off with a blast of ‘Libertines’ style lo-fi guitars
as vocalist Louisa Thomas rips through the verse with equal parts melody and ferocity. The jolly,
almost jaunty, vibe cleverly disguises the semi-serious, and slightly dark undertones of the lyrics
misdirecting first time listeners into a false sense of security.

The lyrics and music, however, tell a wholly different story. Lyrics like ‘We used to fuck around eternally… now I’m your psycho sideshow’ craft a raucous, punchy tale of deceit. A creepy ventriloquist dummy sings along to the tune amidst the chaos and confusion.

Verse two is even more furious, delivering further tongue-in-cheek darkness before brief respite is offered from a guitar break reminiscent of MySpace era Alex Turner.

Check out the clip below:

Like eating a bunch of ghost peppers and puffing steam out of your ears, Psycho Sideshow hits hard in seconds. The initial face slap of crunchy chords also mimics the feeling of knowing you’re being cheated on, which is the primary emotion driving the song.

If their live show is even slightly reminiscent of their studio power we expect they will be ripping through the punk circuits in no time.