For real, Jack Black has confirmed a collaboration with Jack White

It’s happening! Or it’s happened! Yes, rock’s biggest dad joke is coming to fruition. Jack Black and Jack White have finally collaborated.

During Tenacious D’s live performance in Nashville last week, Black said to the crowd, “Jack White, we went over to his house today and recorded a brand new song.” And this is not a case of Jack Black trolling. With an image of the two together surfacing online recently, all signs point to a big old yes.

jack black jack white tenacious d

A Jack Black/White collab is on its way, with Black announcing to fans in Nashville that they had recorded a “brand new song” together.

Though no release date has been announced, we’re hoping for something quite soon. To keep the intrigue brewing, Black did not specify White’s contribution to the song. It’s fair to say that whatever we hear will be a glorious surprise.

Back in June, Instagram went nuts with the Tenacious D account posting a selfie with Jack White holding a Tenacious tee, accompanied by the caption “We hired a new merch guy“.

‘Jack Grey’ seems to be the obvious name for the collab between two artists. If a little on-the-nose.

Jack White has collaborated with a bunch of intriguing artists, including Australia’s very own Courtney Barnett. However, this specific collab is sure to trump the lot.