LëëMoon’s debut single is a powerful piece of jazz-infused soul

Based between NSW’s Central Coast and Sydney, LëëMoon are a unique take on the classic soulful seven-piece band, their sound a delectable blend of the flavours of soul/neo-soul, blues and jazz.

Their debut single Where Does My Soul Go is a powerful anthem of the working class, a punchy, jazzy blues number that drips with femininity and sass.

LëëMoon have released their debut single and title track off their upcoming EP Where Does My Soul Go, a sassy, soulful ode to the working class.

LëëMoon have been gigging together for just over a year, and their onstage presence is one that’s hard to ignore. With a 2 piece horn section, sassy backing vocals, a tight rhythm section and powerful lead vocals coupled with relatable, home-hitting lyrics by the band’s leader/chief songwriter Kira Phoenix.

LëëMoon have just released their debut single and title track off their upcoming EP Where Does My Soul Go, a sassy soul-infused blend of jazz and blues, with strong, intoxicating vocals layered upon a fiery two-piece horn section, electric and acoustic guitar, groovy swung rhythms and sun-drenched harmonies.

A self-proclaimed ‘Anthem of the working class’, Where Does My Soul Go is for all the people working long days in the office, in retail and hospitality, or any place that we spend the majority of our time in order to pay rent and afford a few beers on the weekend.

“Where does my soul go was written when I was working as a vegetarian in a butcher shop, it’s about the daydreaming I would do on the daily thinking about all the things I’d rather be doing and places I’d rather be.

It’s also about being a creative person and the disjunctive feeling of needing to work a crappy job in order to fund your creative works when the job keeps you alive physically but creating music keeps your soul alive in some ways spiritually.”

Where Does My Soul Go is the title track of the band’s upcoming debut EP, and if this first song is anything to go by, the EP is sure to be packed with plenty more groovy tunes to sink your teeth into. The EP is due to be released at the end of the year, in the meantime, check out the new single above.

If you want to witness LëëMoon’s powerful live show for yourself, they will be supporting Runaway Mornings at Lazy Bones in Marrickville, NSW on Sunday the 29th of September, you can find out more here.