Courtney Love thanks Flea for his new book ‘Acid for the Children’

Courtney Love and Flea have just shared a mutual appreciation for each other over Instagram.

Love posted a picture she’d taken from Flea’s recently released book, Acid for the Children, tagging the Australian-American Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist and thanking him for his sentiments.

Courtney Love, Flea, Acid for the Children
Image by: Gabriel / Olsen Getty Images

Courtney Love and Flea share the love over Acid for the Children, Flea’s writing debut, which has just been released and details Flea’s tumultuous childhood.

“When I’m rocking a groove, there is only nature working, ain’t no one gonna rock it harder than me,” Flea writes. “Free from all prison of my mind’s construct, I am a fucking mama grizzly bear protecting her cubs, and I don’t care if I die. I trust the animal instinct completely. I let go of every thought, let go of the world, and KILL the groove.”

“Thank you Flea for this insight and meditation” Love writes. “Me too!”

“Ahh Courtney I love you,” Flea responds. “Thank you for reading, Thankyou [sic] for caring.”


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From ACID FOR THE CHILDREN by FLEA. Thank you @flea333 for this insight and meditation. Me too!

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Flea’s memoir focuses on the earlier, more tumultuous years of his life. He shared an insight about his writing process in another Instagram post:

“On November 5th, the thing that I spent hundreds of hours quietly writing at home, in hotels, on buses, and wherever I could get some minutes of solitude, will no longer exist as a process of my thoughts, but will take on a new life as a tangible thing to hold. Thank you trees and ink.”

Acid for the Children is out now. Read our review here.