Critical Role Campaign 3: every way to watch it

Critical Role Campaign 3 will continue the phenomenally successful live play Dungeons & Dragons series run by Dungeon Master superstar Matt Mercer.

Critical Role Campaign 3 is to tabletop roleplaying games what Star Wars is to science fiction. While it didn’t create its own genre it popularised it to the mainstream so successfully that it has become synonymous with it. But what exactly is it?

For people that have been living under rock, Critical Role takes the framework of Dungeons & Dragons and polishes it into an experience that is a joy to watch. Essentially, DM Matt Mercer crafts the bones of a story and then gets a bunch of professional voice actors to freestyle their way through it. Hilarity, heartbreak and everything in-between ensues.

critical role campaign 3
Image: Critical Role / Facebook

The latest campaign will continue this formula roughly five months after Campaign 2 (which consisted of 141 3-5 hour episodes) finished, featuring many of same players that were responsible for making the first campaigns such a hit.

How to watch Critical Role Campaign 3

Critical Role goes live on Thursdays or Fridays, depending on which side of the International Date Line you fall.

Kick off times are the following: Thursday 7pm PT or 10pm ET. Friday 12pm AEST or 2am GT.

However, for those that can’t make that time you can always choose to catch up at a later date that is more convenient to you. Each episode will find its way to VOD services the following Monday (or Tuesday).

How you actually watch Critical Role will depend on your preferred platform. It is available on Youtube and Twitch for VOD and episode premiers (as listed above).

Critical Role Campaign 3 will also be available in a podcast format, although the first episode won’t become available until October 28/29.

Can you start now?

The simple answer is yes. No knowledge of the prior campaigns is necessary to enjoy the upcoming one. In fact, the official Twitter account stated that, despite there being some Easter eggs for returning fans, Critical Role Campaign 3 is a perfect entry point for newcomers.

They’ve even put together a nifty guide for newbies!