‘Culture Jam Vol. 1’ scores big with uplifting beats and brighter hooks

Culture Jam was built on “the union of hip-hop, sports and community”. We’re pleased to announce the project’s debut LP sounds like it too.

God knows everyone needs a pick me up, from time to time. Whether your passion is music, sport, art, dancing, or something else, it’s vital to celebrate every forward step you make, no matter how small. Culture Jam was built on that ethos, and man, does their debut record reflect it.

NBA legend Kawhi Leonard and producer Eesean Bolden spearhead the project, and with this LP, it’s obvious they’ve coordinated a genuinely refreshing body of work.

Culture Jam

Here’s how they did it. Working alongside some of the rap game’s slickest performers, Culture Jam Vol. 1 offers a concise, all-killer no-filler record for those seeking motivation or just plain feel-goodery.

However, the impact of the project reaches far beyond the music. Kawi is donating a portion of his earnings to the Mamba & Mamacita Sports Foundation, which works towards more opportunities for underserved athletes and young women.

That’s hardly all, either. On November 21st, Culture Jam will host an inaugural Sports and Music festival in LA, slated to feature live performances, basketball games, and an educational panel to discuss mental health, financial literature, and other valuable skills to the youth.

Sounds fantastic right? There’s only one thing to do now, and that’s dive into the tracks.

Opener Everything Different features Youngboy Never Broke Again and Rod Wave, spinning hook after hook like nobody’s business. Its narrative takes a holistic view of success, confidence, wealth, and what it cost to get there, relationships and all.

“Now everything different.” It’s the most complex moment on the record, resting on a bed of minor electric guitar and busy 808s.

Meanwhile, Waves is a no-holds-barred victory lap for the Gunna and Polo G, listing off the game essentials; a standout whip “stars in my Royce”, jewels “ice my neck my wrist”, designer brands “All my style Loui V”, and debauchery “keep codeine and pour”. You get the picture.

Another obvious highlight is the heart-warming Bestie, enlisting A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Capella Grey for those honeyed, grin-to-yourself hooks. “Fuck the Honda Civic, baby, get the Bentley.” Way to flex and be compassionate at the same time, Hoodie. The colourful piano is a great touch, too.

If you’re a lover of trap, cheeky lyricism, and big collabs, then definitely give this LP a spin. Featuring on a Culture Jam track is already a coveted affair, but following this heat-packed debut, the collective will be shooting nothing be net for the foreseeable future.

Listen to Culture Jam Vol. 1 below: