††† (Crosses) reveal entrancing music video for track ‘Holier’

††† (Crosses) concludes their captivating music video saga with their latest brooding track Holier.

If ††† (Crosses) latest EP PERMANENT.RADIANT left you craving more, then hath no fear, as the duo have delivered fans with their final music video from their Initiation/Protection/PERMANENT.RADIANT series.

Credit: Press

Crosses is the musical side project of Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno and Far guitarist Shaun Lopez. The duo banded together in 2011, and was fairly active until 2014 before going silent up until their 2020 release The Beginning Of The End.

Holier is the final instalment of the music video storyline they have laid throughout previous releases Viven and Sensation. The music videos, starring and directed by actress Thais Molon, share a common theme of vivid and stark imagery to accompany the moodiness of the project.

Holier leans into the dark wave sound, with a minor key tonality and introspective lyrics. It’s the type of track that will lure you in like a sirens call, which is fitting given the video’s opening of Thais Moon floating in water, her vibrant coloured eyes staring up at you.

If you have been patiently been waiting for the final conclusion to the stunning music video saga, then Holier will have you in its grips until the screen goes black.

You can now stream Holier below via Spotify.