Danger&Plastic break into a new realm of awesome with their single DEAD

PREMIERE: Garage junkies Danger&Plastic break into a new realm of awesome with their single DEAD

Out of Melbourne, Danger&Plastic are relatively new to the scene but their sound is becoming more and more defined. With their latest release DEAD being their second single this year, this garage rock collective are gearing up for a debut EP like no other.

DEAD is anything but a light handed track. With crashing drums and blurred hazy guitar riffs throughout, the track bears all the characteristics of a gritty and well articulated take on classic rock. Produced by the up-and-coming Julian Schweitzer, the track follows on from their 2016 single Inner City and appears on upcoming split single Revolution & The Socialist Starfish. 


Lead singer Joshua Hawkesworth washes over the song with smooth and joyously pop soaked vocals, making DEAD just accessible enough that it invites rather than intimidates.

The band has distinct threads of garage alumni including The Black Keys and The Dandy Warhols, with a bold charisma well beyond their years, Danger&Plastic are a breathing new life into rock.

Starting softly, a tentative build into that bluesy drop for the first chorus had me totally hooked. Danger&Plastic have certainly not followed any rules with this one.

The far off croon and swelling guitar that sways in and out makes for a gloriously eclectic rhythm. Free of any regimented or clear influence, this Melbourne group have made a song which is purely their own.

Set for more shows throughout the remainder of the year and an EP due for release in 2018, Danger&Plastic are moving faster than ever.

They’ve been reported saying that their sound is becoming more and more honest as they continue recording and performing. With a track such as DEAD under their belt, I have to say I agree.

And I’m into it.