New Marvel ‘Daredevil’ series starring Charlie Cox coming to Disney+

Daredevil appears to have unfinished business, with a new Marvel series reportedly in development for Disney+.

Daredevil is one of the lesser celebrated Marvel superheroes, which isn’t to say that he doesn’t have his fair share of super fans. The character first hit the silver screen in the poorly-received 2003 Ben Affleck vehicle. Needless to say, it took him a little time to recover from that stunt.

His return, in the 2015 Netflix series, worked out much better. Charlie Cox starred as the titular Daredevil, as well as the unmasked Matt Murdock. It was a sad day for fans in 2018 when the series’ final episode brought things to a (premature) end.

daredevil new
Image: Daredevil / Netflix

For years it appeared that would be the end of Daredevil. Although in truth, nothing ever really ends when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Charlie Cox reprised the role of Daredevil for a brief appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home. And after that, rumours of a new show began to feel a little more realistic and a lot less like wishful thinking. It should be noted that Vincent D’Onofrio, who plays the villainous Kingpin, also recently appeared in Marvel’s Hawkeye.

And it seems that these appearances were more than nostalgic fanservice. Marvel are known to seed characters into their franchise before giving them their own shows, and that’s what Variety claim is happening.

The exclusive report states that the Covert Affairs duo Matt Corman and Chris Ord are attached to write and produce a new Daredevil series for the streaming service Disney+.

The article shies away from confirming that Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio will reprise their roles, but it seems likely.

It’s also relevant that Disney+ is now the home for all the old Netflix/Marvel shows; a substantial collection that is now being added to with titles such as Moon Knight and She-Hulk.

The new Daredevil series has not been officially announced by Marvel, and as such doesn’t have a release date.