UK rap phenomenon Dave releases dual singles ‘Titanium’ and ‘Mercury’

UK rapper and producer Dave has returned with his sagacious perspective, sharing two new singles, Titanium and Mercury.

Since dropping his Mercury Prize and Brit Award-winning debut albumPSYCHODRAMA, Dave has become one of the UK’s most invaluable rap acts. His catalogue of straight-talking hits continues to expand, collaborating with Fredo on the relentless Money Talks earlier this year.

Recorded in a moment of “pure inspiration”, Dave has returned to the limelight once more, with two singles for his growing fanbase to sink their teeth into; Titanium and Mercury.


“Twenty-two with a 2.2, just came back from a long hiatus” Dave begins on Titanium, reintroducing himself with signature flair. The artist has been teasing a return on his socials, so the entrance feels incredibly rewarding.

The trap beat on the first single is ambient and minimal, driven by an emotive piano in a minor key. If you’ve listened to PSYCHODRAMA, the piano-centred vibe will sound all too familiar.

Titanium is a moment of relish for the rapper, flexing his success and making it brazenly clear that he’s still at the top of his game. With audacious references like “I got 99 problems, going broke ain’t one, but a bitch is two of them”, it’s pretty obvious the rapper isn’t treading water.

Following Titanium is Mercury, a visually evocative, five-and-a-half minute slice of introspection, featuring the vocals of North West London singer-songwriter Kamal. The song juxtaposes Kamal’s stirring vocal hook with Dave’s unquivering bars backed by some hazy, James Blake-esque production.

Amidst these bars, the deep-voiced Dave comments on his place in the music industry;“know your own worth they’re gonna label you a narcissist”, and the importance of family; “I gotta listen to my sister, cah their feelings are real”.

As Dave’s presence in the rap scene continues to grow, so does our anticipation for his sophomore effort.


Titanium and Mercury are out now via Neighbourhood Recordings / Virgin Music Australia. Stream or purchase your copies here.