David Lynch releases two singles with same monkey from his short film

David Lynch, Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet, The Elephant Man, you know, that guy. The man who acquainted himself so well with neo-noir mystery and thriller, he made himself part of the film zeitgeist wherein we can refer to certain film styles as “Lynchian“.

We already heard about his interesting yet strange short film with a monkey named Jack earlier in the week, but now, David has released two songs accompanied the monkey himself. No, not actually a monkey singing, the character in the short film, you get it.

David Lynch does something only he would do with the release of weird, dark and moving songs by What Did Jack Do co-star, the monkey.

True Loves Flame and Dancin’ in the World of Love are the two new tracks written and released by Lynch, accompanied by a physical 7-inch record release. Each song perfectly fits the movie that inspired them, somewhat sentimental but let’s face it, downright strange.

Rolling Stone described the singing monkey “Jack’s voice is a ridiculous back-of-the-throat croon”, which sums it up nicely.

It’s hard to stop watching the amateur cop procedural as well as listen to the downright bizarre singles because they have value. David Lynch is doing what he does best, slowly revealing abstract ideas and putting them on the screen (or in this case in a record), and we sort of just get it.

You can buy the digital tracks or pre-order the vinyl at Bandcamp, as well as watch the enamouring short film on Netflix.