Dear Doonan’s latest single Puff Puff Give is a stoners anthem

Sunshine Coast psych outfit Dear Doonan are back with their new single Puff Puff Give and it truly is a stoner’s anthem. With entrancing trumpet lines, relaxed bass grooves and seductive vocals, the song is experimental as ever, taking the listener on a wild kaleidoscopic journey.

Although only emerging into the Australian music scene last year, the six-piece have impressed psych and non-psych fans alike, reeling people in with their infectious funkiness and originality.

Dear DoonanPsych groovers Dear Doonan’s new single Puff Puff Give explores the kaleidoscopic journey of getting stoned and sharing the love.

Dear Doonan is made up of of Zachariah Norton (lead vocals, dojo, lute, sitar, tenor guitar, banjo, stinkin), Jim Smith (trumpet, guitar, keys, drums, percussion, vocals), Steve Summers (lead guitar, harmonica, vocals), Julian Homewood (bass, didgeridoo, vocals ), Jamie Devers (drums, guitar, keys, vocals) and Scott Montoya (banjo, percussion, vocals) and together they craft a sound that is unique and rich, with full and cohesive instrumentation.

The piece starts with a staggered and evocative trumpet solo that sets the scene for a wild west soundscape, before an infectious banjo melody and drum patterns are intertwined. Jangly guitar melodies and Norton’s nasally vocals enhance the overall sound before the full band picks up the pace and gets into the groove with a hard hitting rock-out jam.

If the song wasn’t already good enough, their Puff Puff Give music video is kooky as ever, with a giant human ‘joint’ going about his daily activities of surfing, playing table tennis, enjoying his morning cuppa and throwing the dog a bone. The video gets fiery once the pace picks up, with psychedelic and fluorescent lighting.

Although it’s relatively early days Dear Doonan, the psych band is definitely one to watch.

Catch the music video below: