NZ artist Roy Irwin’s latest single Awful is enigmatic and genre bending

Tmaki Makaurau man Roy Irwin has released a new single Awful and it’s enigmatic, infectious and genre bending.

Irwin’s solo project has seen the New Zealand artist open up and produce an extensive discography, with his latest single reflecting a brooding and hauntingly beautiful soundscape that gives us a hint of his upcoming album.

New Zealand’s garage punk virtuoso Roy Irwin has released a brooding and intricate new single Awful in anticipation of his forthcoming album.

With a jangly melodic guitar line and a shuffling drum pattern, the focus turns on the dark and wandering bass line once Irwin’s hazy vocals enter the mix. Subtle elements of electronic production lurk in the background adding a certain aura of mystery.

Alongside Awful is a B-side track entitled Bully. The song is definitely more low-key than the former, with a slow tempo produced by a steady and repetitive single drum beat. The electric guitar is the hero of the piece, as it’s high pitched melody perfectly contrasts with Irwin’s baritone vocals.

Irwin is a member of the on-hiatus Auckland band Cool Runnings and his upcoming album will be his 6th LP. His music has been warmly received, with both S.O.D.A (2016) and King of Pop (2017) solidifying his place as one of New Zealand’s finest musical talents. We can’t wait for his next album.

Catch both songs below: