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Death By Audio ROOMS dishes up a huge spectrum of reverb sounds

Death By Audio has announced a new addition to their pedal lineup – a stereo digital reverb pedal called ROOMS.

Death By Audio has been teasing the release on social media, so information is still being released, but what we do know is that it is a super flexible and wide-ranging reverb, with controls to create a huge spectrum of reverb sounds.Death By Audio ROOMS

The Death By Audio ROOMS reverb pedal ranges from long ambient tones to massive walls of sound at the flip of a switch, along with everything in between.

ROOMS has six programs, labelled Room, Digit, Peak, Gate, Wave and Gong. The pedal features controls for Frequency, Depth, and Time, alongside controls for Dry and FX, with range from -inf to x20 gain.  The pedal also features an Alt button to switch between two sets of controls, with a separate set of controls for the Alt (labelled F, D, and T).

ROOMS is designed for use both in the studio and in live performance, so it offers a range of I/O options for flexible mono and stereo setups. It includes the intriguing option to split Dry and FX between the L and R outputs, along with standard mono, mono-stereo, and stereo I/O combinations.

It is unclear at this point exactly what each program is capable of, but there are some really interesting demos of the pedal on Death By Audio’s Instagram, and below from Reverb.

The Death By Audio ROOMS will be released in the next couple of months, and preorder information will be available sometime next week. Until then, keep your eye on Death By Audio for more information.