Deathnir unleash an anthem for the horror buff in us all on ‘Buzz Cut’

Deathnir unleash the maniacs on their latest single, pulling you by the ears into a slasher masterpiece.

Deathnir are back with a new song that punches you in the face and gets you moshing.

Buzz Cut is a bloodthirsty track that hits from the moment it begins. What’s better? The song is actually included on the soundtrack of New Zealand’s first ‘slasher’ movie, of the same name.


Buzz Cut is the release that we’ve been dreaming of from the New Zealand locals. Rich and bitter, the track explodes with a sonic that brings all your favourite ’80s horror flicks to mind.

These are riffs that burn like acid, sparking and splattering into a chorus that hits you like a truck. While they let their riffs sizzle away, the band layer on air-tight rhythms and bloodthirsty hooks that take you right into that horror movie soundscape.

Filmed in the perfect grimy dungeon space, the band’s video for the track gives a glimpse into the film itself. “Buzz Cut is New Zealand’s first “slasher” movie,” the film’s bio describes. “Inspired by classic 80’s horror films with a healthy dose of raunchy Animal House-type comedies, Buzz Cut combines thrills and chills with bloody practical effects and an ensemble cast of crazy drunks, slobs and misfits.”

If you do anything today, dive into the thrashy brilliance of Deathnir’s latest song below: