Dick Van Dyke endorses Bernie Sanders in new campaign video

One of the all-time great comedic actors, Dick Van Dyke, has thrown his support behind Bernie Sanders and his 2020 presidential campaign.

The 94-year-old actor proves that people all across the age spectrum are backing Sanders’ campaign.

The Mary Poppins actor, Dick Van Dyke, has shown his support for presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders in a recent campaign video.

In a recent video for Sanders, Van Dyke says, “The age question keeps coming up. I know that I’m 20 years older than Bernie. I have all my marbles!… It really doesn’t matter, except for his experience and the years he’s put in.” At 78, Sanders would become the oldest president in history if he were to defeat Trump at the end of the year. However, with countless years of experience, Sanders is well informed and knows the ins and outs of the American political machine.

Van Dyke continued by stating, “I can’t understand why, according to the polls, he’s having problems with older citizens, like me. Why wouldn’t an older citizen vote for somebody with that kind of a record, and that kind of experience and honesty? It just doesn’t make sense to me that he’s not getting my generation. And I want to urge my generation to get out and vote for him, please.”

Following in the steps of numerous musicians including The Strokes, Bon Iver, and Vampire Weekend, Van Dyke has urged that this will be the most important election, “Since the end of World War 2”.

You can watch the entire video below: