PREMIERE: Dying Adolescence transcends reality with his new video for ‘Pray 4 Me’

I imagine the beginning of this track playing behind a video montage of my morning routine; waking up, eating breakfast, brushing my teeth… the mundane stuff in life. That is, of course, before the track guides you into a whirlwind of spiritual lo-fi pop, transporting you from your daily routine into a jumping-on-the-bed kind of elation.

Last year, Dying Adolescence (aka Michael Barker) released his latest album Please Be Kind. We described it as a “bedroom-pop nirvana,” one that pulled you into a new almost-spiritual realm of bedroom-pop music.

Now, the first track from that album, Pray 4 Me, has been given its very own video clip, which is just as transcendental and magical as the song itself.

Sydney-based artist Dying Adolescence shares his brand new video clip for Pray 4 Me, and it is three minutes of pure audio-visual magic.

The glittery, dreamy video is as much of a nirvana as the accompanying single, featuring Barker dancing in the forest and emerging from behind sculptures symbolic of both beauty and pain, which are warped into super cool mirror sequences throughout.

Lyrics from the track present themselves as a text overlay as part of the clip, forcing you to listen and understand the story being told.

Lyrics like, “his dreams are filled with nicotine” and “shoots up, comes down, that’s his routine” perhaps symbolise the story that is Dying Adolescence itself; the grim every day of an adolescent in today’s world.

Both the song and the clip explore Barker’s real-life experiences and the experiences of many others.

Watch the new video for Pray 4 Me above, and catch Dying Adolescence live at Avalon Beach RSL Club on March 14. More info here.