Die! Die! Die! charge into the climate collapse with a righteous new 7″

Unapologetic punk pin-ups Die! Die! Die! prove they’re only get better with age with the release of a gritty new 7″.

Not long ago Die! Die! Die! returned with the announcement of their new single I Seek Misery, lifted from the band’s upcoming 7’’. The double A-side I Seek Misery / 450 is out now on some fine-looking transparent blue vinyl.

Die! Die! Die! first formed in 2003, making waves ever since. The band’s longstanding guitarist/singer Andrew Wilson and drummer Michael Prain have been together since the beginning, with 2018 seeing the return of beloved bassist Lachlan Anderson.

After being recorded with Steven Marr at the iconic Roundhead Studios, the two tracks were handed to DIY powerhouse Mikey Young for mastering.

The trio described their latest release as an opportunity to “get the feel for creating together again,” stating that I Seek Misery is a track about “addiction and bringing about change to the current societal power dynamics in the ruins of a colonial empire”.

They also revealed that 450 is a song about the impending climate collapse that will happen if we reach 450ppm of co2 in the atmosphere,” with lead singer Wilson assuring fans to “dance if you want to – to the climate collapse!” Word.

I Seek Misery is high energy punk. It’s chaotic, it’s noisy, and it’s the sort of no-frills track we can’t wait to see live in a dimly-lit pub somewhere, surrounded by sweaty punters. The flip-side hardly lets up either, opening with a screeching guitar drone before a hulking bass line comes in hot.

The 7″ is Die! Die! Die! at their energetic best, thrusting themselves face-first into the issues that deserve a good, angry rebel yell.


Grab your copy of 450 / I Seek Misery here.