5 songs that got Dinosaur Beard through the Melbourne lockdown

A man of much talent, Adam Finnegan of Dinosaur Beard reveals his deliciously superior taste in tunes.

Following on from the release of his textural psych-pop track Endless Summer, the Melbourne-based artist took a moment to share a few of his secret isolation weapons. His recipe for survival includes, but is not limited to, the harmonies of Warpaint and the iconic tendencies of The Smiths. In his own words, Finnegan dictates some of these grand sonic moments and how they’ve filtered into his own works.

In a time of great solace and solidarity, music and musical projects are what’s getting a lot of people through. Of his video release for Endless Summer, Finnegan said this:

“I wanted to release something light and positive in what seemed like such a dark time for a lot of people. We had the challenge of filming the clip when we were still in a pretty hard lockdown here in Melb so we had to get pretty creative at home.”

dinosaur beard

Bosnian Rainbows – Turtle Neck

I really love the sprawling ethereal nature of this song. Clocking in at 6’12 – it really takes me places. I’ve been a big fan of Omar Rodriguez Lopez for a long time now and this song just re-appeared about halfway through lockdown when things were starting to look a little grim. I love Deantoni Parks drumming and the groove in the verses really move me.

The Smiths – How Soon is Now?

I managed to see Morrissey and Interpol for $25 in Camden New Jersey late last year. While I feel Morrissey has some questionable opinions on things, when he opened with this banger it was hard to deny how many great songs The Smiths actually have. This song has been on high rotation almost mimicking the dark tone of this year.

Warpaint – Disco Very

I got into making playlists in lockdown. It was a good exercise in remembering a lot of songs I haven’t played in a while. I love how every member is basically singing the whole way through the song. They harmonise so well together and the hypnotic beat just makes you wanna dance!

Blake Scott – Pressure

One of my fav Melbourne artists. I feel like a lot of people were waiting for this album to come out and kinda feel like it dropped just at the right time! I loved his first single Fever but this one really excites me with its driving beat and sense of urgency. A little reminiscent of early Peep Tempel stuff.

Battles – Fort Greene Park

I feel Battles are one of the last true experimental bands. I love these guys so much! They’re always pushing the envelope. This is just one big massive groove you can get lost in. I really dig the film clip for this one too. It’s appeared more than once in my lockdown Youtube rabbit hole voids!

Enjoy the ambient-pop bliss of Dinosaur Beard’s new clip for Endless Summer below: