Watch Phebe Starr perform ‘Ode to the Alien’ Live at Enmore

Phebe Starr was the most recent guest at the Live at Enmore studios. Witness the sublime performance of her fresh single, Ode to the Alien.

Phebe Starr recently visited the Live at Enmore studios. Keeping it stripped back for a special solo performance, Starr was in sublime form as she played her new single, Ode to the Alien. 

Armed with her Mellotron and the studio’s upright piano, Starr effortlessly weaved unearthly, affected soundscapes through luscious chords, which formed the perfect bed for her soaring voice.

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Since her debut EP Zero in 2014, Starr has released a string of singles that showcase her sonically adventurous productions — a compelling atmosphere that she brought to her performance.

Before setting up, she had this to say about the song:

If I had to simplify it, it’s about aliens (laughs). I think when you love, it costs you something and the song speaks to my life experience […] when you hate that you loved someone, but you end up being thankful because it changed you.

Check out the performance below:

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