Diplo spun a racist country singer at his super-spreader pregame show

Diplo is in hot water after throwing a massive pre-Super Bowl party in Tampa Bay, Florida to a 2000-person, maskless crowd. Yikes.

Videos obtained by TMZ show 42-year-old Diplo on Saturday night at the Godfrey Hotel’s WTR Tampa Pool playing to a maskless, tightly knit crowd that’s sure to mark one of the best super-spreading events of 2021.

WTR Tampa Pool hosted pre-game events all weekend, with DJ Steve Aoki headlining on Friday and Diplo on Saturday. Both events are being panned for their pre-pandemic vibe, which goes against repeated warnings from health officials that having 50 people in a crowd means there’s a 50 per cent chance one of them is infected with COVID.

Diplo Super-spreader party
Image: Emma Marie Jenkinson via Entertainment

In a release obtained by TMZ, the Tampa Police Department condemned the partying for the lack of regard for public safety. “Scenes from WTR last night and a few other clubs were incredibly disappointing,” the statement reads.

“The city spent the better part of a year educating residents on precautions due to the pandemic and have recently put a mask order in place for both the entertainment and event zones to ensure the safety of our residents and visitors to our great city.”

As Lady Gaga once said, “There can be 100 people in the room…”

Diplo and Aoki weren’t the only entertainers who put on a safety-less show this weekend, as rapper 50 Cent hosted his own concert to celebrate the upcoming sporting event – featuring appearances from other rappers including Tory Lanez, Flo Rida, and Flavor Flav.

While Aoki is being pilloried for spraying the crowd with champagne, which revellers gladly opened their virus-infected mouths for, Diplo is also facing heat for choosing to play Heartless, his collaboration with country music star, Morgan Wallen.

For those who don’t know, Wallen got caught on video drunkenly saying the n-word. Double yikes. The video, taken from Wallen’s neighbour, shows country singer and a group of friends after they’d returned from a Nashville bar.

“Take care of this pussy ass motherfucker,” Wallen can be heard saying, before adding, “Take care of this pussy ass n****.”

Wallen has since been dropped from country radio and streaming services and has had his record contract suspended. However, Wallen’s sophomore album, Dangerous: The Double Album, recently surged in sales after fans bought the record to show solidarity. He now stands at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart for the fourth consecutive week. Triple yikes.

On the bright side, at least Diplo and Wallen have found solace in the hoard of plague-ridden, super-spreading ninny’s. But hey, anything goes in Florida, apparently.