Disney World Florida reopens despite rising COVID-19 cases, gets mauled by internet

Disney World Florida might need to change their slogan from “Where Dreams Come True” to “Where Nightmares Come True” after reopening this weekend amidst the state’s highest number of coronavirus cases since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

The news has ignited outrage across the internet with concerns over community transmission and the safety of patrons and workers, sparking some of the best memes since Jacinta Arden’s “little dance”.

Disney World Florida is copping some serious backlash online after the State recorded its highest rate of new COVID cases since the pandemic began

Disney World announced the reopening yesterday with a promotional video on Instagram. It’s worth noting that the state of Florida just recorded 15,299 COVID-19 cases, the highest amount of new cases recorded in a single day since the pandemic began. To put those numbers into perspective, Melbourne recorded their second-highest daily rate yesterday at 273.

Florida has stacked up more than a quarter of a million cases of COVID-19 along with 4,197 deaths since the park closed its doors in March. Making many seriously question what the go was with Disney re-opening.


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Cast members are ready to welcome guests back to Walt Disney World Resort.✨

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Understandably, the ad has been ill-received by the internet. While it tries its best to encourage parkgoers to return to Disney World, assuring safety with social distancing and COVID-safe masks, there is something undeniably creepy about the empty rides and the covered mouths of the Disney World staff.

With Tweets agreeing that the whole thing feels like a bit like a horror movie, the internet has done what the internet does best, inspiring a series of parody videos replacing the announcement’s soundtrack with everything from Jordan Peele’s Us soundtrack to the music from The Shining.


And my favourite, one Twitter user re-narrated the ad, and it is a real thing of beauty.