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Ditch the DAW with the new MPC Live II from AKAI

AKAI has updated its classic hardware workstation with the new MPC Live II.

The hardware is designed as a portable all-round production and beat-making device, with some new features from previous designs.MPC

AKAI has recently released the MPC Live II. It’s a powerful alternative to the DAW with a range of new features to make it more portable and more functional.

The MPC Live II works by allowing you to create and perform beats and play samples using its pads. It is designed around a sample editor that allows you to manipulate and layer sounds.

You can go further than the old MPCs and draw in or edit midi information via the touch screen, as well as layer tracks. The hardware, of course, comes with its own set of samples and sounds to get you started and for use in your production.

Of course, the MPC Live II can also be used as part of your existing set-up as it comes with MIDI and stereo outputs, as well as USB and CV/gate connectivity. It even comes with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

For more info, check out AKAI’s website. They’ve also provided a very useful and comprehensive 25-minute demo which you can check out below: