The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards deliver the goods once again

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have revealed the top contenders for this year, delivering some laughter that the world really needs right about now.

The COVID 19 pandemic might have put a lot on hold for now, but the one thing it can’t stop is nature in its habitat and the inevitably hilarious moments that ensue. Like this picture of a really confused seal…

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have unveiled the hilarious top contenders for 2020

The photos are among those set aside as some of the top entries to the competition so far.

Like this northern pygmy owl who appears a little worse for wear:

Or this brown bear getting a good back scratch:

Or this lion cub being socked in the mouth:

The competition, currently in its sixth year, celebrates wildlife photography at its best and generates some seriously funny images in the process. But it also does more than that. Co-founders and professional photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam also aim to promote the conservation of wildlife and natural habitats.

The pictures have arrived at the perfect time, delivering some laughs when the world really needs it.

The competition remains open for entries via the website up until June 30th.

Or you can check out last year’s winners here.