James Blake meets Animal Collective? Dive into the desert with Resin Moon

Featured on the lineup of this year’s Wide Open Space festival is the ultra talented and refreshingly distinctive Resin Moon.

The brainchild of Alice Springs-based producer Dave Crowe, the Resin Moon sound brings together a tasty concoction of synths, vocals and quality production to form a dreamy and vibrant indie-electronic mix-up.

resin moon dave crowe wide open space

Behind the evocative beats concocted by Resin Moon lies a deeper understanding; of land, of space, and of what our surroundings teach us about ourselves.

Located in and amongst the beautiful desert landscape of Central Australia, Wide Open Space focuses on appreciation for the land whilst celebrating an amalgamation of music, art and culture through what is essentially one massive outdoor party. We mention this because Crowe isn’t just a returning artist to this event, but the festival’s message bears a distinct similarity to his own. 

It’s this acute awareness of the land and its intrinsic beauty that resonates so deeply within Resin Moon’s music and ethos, in turn creating a unique sound along the way.

“Some of my biggest musical influences would be Fleetwood Mac, Thom Yorke, James Blake and MGMT, I also love a lot of ’70s and ’80s pop music,” says Crowe of his musical inspirations and influences.

“I would describe my sound as a mash up of Panda Bear, Holy Ghost and Jack Garratt, but I’m not the best judge of that!”

When asked about what the crowd can expect from a Resin Moon live show, Crowe simply states “synths, beats and space themes.”

“I was lucky to tour a lot in 2017 and work on the live show – it’s been a real joy to bring the music to new audiences and try things out in the live environment.”

Dropping his EP Salt in 2016 and touring with homegrown groovers Boo Seeka in 2017, recent years have seen Resin Moon grow in both popularity and acclaim. On what’s up next, Crowe says he’s currently working on the debut Resin Moon album.

“It’s exciting and scary and challenging at the same time, but I’m really looking forward to what’s happening musically in my 2018. I also run a label called Sing Hum, and we have a run of releases dropping in 2018 featuring some really talented Northern Territory artists.”

When asked about his pre-performance rituals, it was obvious to us that despite his toasty surrounds, Crowe remains a natural born chiller.

“A lot of artists really hype themselves up before a show, I’m pretty much the opposite! I like to really chill out backstage and focus, this way I can bring all the energy to the stage and through the music.”

“I like to find a really quite space where I can lie down and meditate. Sometimes people have to come and wake me up when I’m due to get onstage.”

Reflected through his spacey synths is a love of desert landscapes and expansive terrain, making Wide Open Space the perfect place to catch Resin Moon in his element.


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