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DJ Swivel’s Spread gives you accurate, expansive stereo imaging

DJ Swivel introduces Spread, a powerful stereo imaging plugin which offers maximum stereo width at the twist of a single knob.

Jordan Young — aka DJ Swivel — ventures once again into the world of customized plugins with Spread, a multi-band stereo shaping tool with intuitive control.

This is DJ Swivel’s second plugin after applying his unique style to a vocal processing plugin he called The Sauce. The Canadian music producer has worked with the likes of Beyonce, Jay-Z and Kanye West which ensures Spread is “dripping with grammy-winning sound.”

DJ swivel Spread

You’ll be able to quickly achieve the sound you want with Spread’s interface. It’s designed for ease of use — all features are centred around a simple one-knob design. Spread is equipped for multiband processing that enables you to change the stereo image of three independent user-definable frequency bands.

A Side Filter helps to tackle phase issues and takes advantage of Mid-Side processing. This feature will only remove the sides of the low-frequency material, leaving mono basses intact. The Tilt function will increase or decrease the volume of the left or right side without compromising the stereo image.

DJ Swivel’s plugin will take your audio and ‘spread’ it to its “widest and most accurate stereo image possible”, giving mixing and mastering engineers more freedom to manipulate the outer fringes of the stereo image.

Try a free demo at DJ Swivel’s website and watch his walkthrough of the plugin below.