'Can it run Crysis?' is the literal name of a new graphic mode in 'Crysis Remastered' - Clocked

‘Can it run Crysis?’ is the literal name of a new graphic mode in ‘Crysis Remastered’

Crysis Remastered will include a ‘Can it run Crysis?’ graphic mode, made to push your PC build to its limits in exchange for world-shattering eyegasms.

With Crysis Remastered set for release on the 18th of September and the NVIDIA RTX 30 series coming a day before, one cannot help but wonder what happens if an unstoppable graphics card meets an unlimited setting. The ‘Can it run Crysis’  graphic mode will ruthlessly use every bit of your GPU and CPU. Finally, a worthy challenger to test all these next-gen parts against.

Crysis Remastered is an upcoming sci-fi first-person shooter featuring epic battles within a sandbox world. It’s a timeless classic returning to the screen with remastered graphics made for the new era in hardware.

crysis remastered

Although a screenshot doesn’t fully encapsulate how impressive this graphic mode can be, Crysis Remastered still serves as a powerful reminder of how far games have gone, pumping out ever more brilliant in-game worlds.

This isn’t your usual ‘Max Settings’ mode, either. This mode isn’t capped; ‘Can it Run Crysis?’ will become more detailed as long as your PC can handle it.

With the PS5 and the Xbox Series X coming out next year, it’s heart-warming to see the PC community not missing out on the fun. With next-gen hardware this month, Crysis Remastered will serve as an example of the level of quality we an expect from the upcoming consoles.

Check out the Epic Games Store to grab a copy when it comes out.