Dominic Perrottet texts about trans women in sports leaked

Text messages between Dominic Perrottet and Scott Morrison have revealed that the NSW premier backs the PM’s position on trans women in sport.

Dominic Perrottet has been alarmingly quiet on the matter of trans women participating in women’s sports since the subject came up and ScoMo unsurprisingly thought it was a great idea to empower segregation.

Now, an insider told The Australian that the premier is “strongly in support of the PM’s position,”

Last night, Perrottet released a statement warning that “insensitively expressed views” over transgender athletes in sport “should never distract us from the merits of the substantive issue”.

“I agree with most fair minded Australians that girls and women should be free to play sport against girls and women, particularly where there might otherwise be an unfair advantage – it’s a matter of fairness and physiology,” Perrottet said.

“The right thing to do is take the concerns of women and girls seriously, not shut them down, and if that means looking at appropriate protections for women-only sports, let’s have the conversation.

“Clearly these issues have to be debated in a sensitive way at every step, but an insensitively expressed view should never distract us from the merits of the substantive issue,”

“We need to handle these issues with compassion and commonsense.”

More to come.