‘Doom 64’ is getting a physical rerelease, full of N64 nerdery

Doom 64 is getting its very own physical re-release for the Nintendo Switch and PS4, courtesy of Bethesda and Limited Run Games.

Remember that one time when we were rambling on about how everyone loves nostalgic id Software stuff? Why, it feels like it could have been just moments ago.

It might not have been developed by id, but Doom 64 (the true Doom 3, fight me IRL) is getting the physical rerelease treatment, with classic editions coming complete with a neat bundle of associated swag.

Doom 64 physical rerelease

Alongside the requisite physical copy of Doom 64 itself, the classic edition includes an N64-style retro box, a (sadly non-functioning) metal N64 cartridge ornament, a behind-the-scenes booklet with developer interviews, and a reversible poster featuring a couple of the game’s baddies.

The classic edition will be available for preorder on September 25th for $54.99.

Like many of Limited Run’s products, these things can be expected to fly off the digital shelves. Doom aficionados looking to pick up a copy should keep a sharp eye on their Twitter page for further updates.