Download A Free Jungle & DnB Sample Rack For Ableton Live 10
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Download a free jungle and D ‘n’ B sample rack for Ableton Live 10

Back in the 1990s, samplers released by the likes of Akai and E-Mu gave producers of breakbeat music never-before-seen freedoms.

Now, Noisegate is giving away a free sampler for Ableton Live 10 that is honouring the sounds that made Jungle a reality.jungle

Download a free 90s style Jungle and Drum & Bass sample rack for Ableton Live 10 courtesy of Noisegate.

Early samplers from the 1990s used time stretching and crunchy bitrates to cut and play old soul and funk drum loops, namely the ‘Amen Break‘. These warped and sped up samples set the sonic aesthetic for Jungle and eventually drum and bass.

Noisegate has created an instrument rack that uses multiple simpler modules with their own breakbeat samples. You can also chop and splice as you like and load in your own beat samples.

“With this Ableton Instrument rack we’ve attempted to capture that essence, by mapping a handful of Simpler modules carrying drum breaks across the MIDI note range — but not so every note triggers a different drum break.

“Each sample is mapped to glide over a few MIDI notes, so you can experiment with pitching the samples without leaving the instrument or having to automate the pitch. That’s why we couldn’t use a Drum Rack for this one,” states Noisegate.

Head over to Noisegate for the free download.