Get bullied on the train thanks to the Dyson Zone

Get bullied on the train thanks to the Dyson Zone

The dystopian future we constantly joke about seems closer than ever thanks to the announcement of the first wearable product from Dyson, the Dyson Zone!

Dyson has produced many incredible appliances over the years that, from first-hand accounts, have been a pleasure and joy to use. I’m a big fan of the Dyson V8 Animal.

Now, even an avid fan like myself thinks they may have gone too far, into a new realm of wearable products with the introduction of the Dyson Zone, a product design to remove most pollution from your immediate vicinity.

Dyson Zone
Image: Dyson Zone / Dyson

The concept is simple enough to grasp. People living in and around heavily populated areas will be exposed to many pollutants. Car and industrial emissions and pollen fill the air while the noise from trucks, buses, and planes bombard our delicate ears.

After six years of research and over 500 prototypes, Dyson released a product that aims to combat many environmental elements that damage the human body and ultimately decrease your life expectancy.

The device, marketed as ‘air purifying headphones’, has two ways of protecting you from the world around you – but not from ridicule. The headphones are tasked with suppressing or cancelling the noise pollution you’re exposed to while also containing filters that clean the air around you.

The air is then pushed around to the front to an open back, contactless ‘shelf’ for the wearer to indulge themselves in pure, clean air. The way God intended, apparently.

The announcement of such a gadget has resulted in mixed feelings from social media users, with many assuming that this was an April Fools joke accidentally released early?

Dyson responded on social media, saying: “This is no April Fools joke“.

Again, the concept is excellent, and we’re all super appreciative of the six years of research and work that Dyson has put into the Dyson Zone, but it’s just too bizarre of an item to get behind. It has elements similar to the Razer Zephyr, but even that looked cool and cyberpunky.

razer zephyr
Image: Razer Zephyr / Razer

We look forward to, hopefully, getting our hands on this product in the future to test what it claims, but we’re still not sure about wearing it in public.