Every letter of the Helvetica alphabet, matched to electronic brands by Vinicius Araújo

You’ll quickly become obsessed by this series from designer Vinicius Araújo, who has matched every letter of the Helvetica alphabet with a corresponding electronic brand.

Taking an iconic product of theirs and morphing it to fit the form, it’s satisfying beyond belief.


Designer Vinicius Araújo has blown us away with 36days Electronics, his series dedicated to electronic brands and each letter of the alphabet.

Brands like Apple, Nintendo and Cannon are represented by the Macintosh, NES and TX 35mm respectively. Largely old school products are utilised, but a few newer instances such as a Razer computer and Beats headphones make the cut.

On the music front, Yamaha is represented some kind of unplaceable keyboard (help me out on this one?), Technics by a Stokyo turntable, and Pioneer by one of their CDJ tabletops.

We’ve included a couple of our favourites, but you can find the full series on Behance.

Via Colossal.