Ed Sheeran gifted Sam Smith a 6-foot-tall marble penis statue

Ed Sheeran gifted Sam Smith a 6-foot-tall marble penis statue

Sam Smith has shared details of the giant six-foot-tall penis statue gifted to them by fellow musician, Ed Sheeran. 

Speaking of the gift during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Sam Smith revealed that the phallic statue weighs two tonnes, is made of marble, and measures up to almost two metres tall. “It’s actually wild,” Smith said, “I thought it was a joke, but it’s a six-foot-two marble penis.” When quizzed on how the logistics of such a weighty member would play out, Smith admitted that they’d “have to get it craned into my house.

Later, Smith revealed their plans to refurbish the penis statue “into a fountain,” before making a cheeky water-spout gesture [insert eggplant emoji]. Smith and Clarkson went on to suggest a few names for the penis, but surprisingly fell short of the apt name of ‘Johnny’. The names ‘Phillip’ and ‘Kevin’ were floated before the pair ultimately landed on ‘Duke of Hastings’, which Clarkson said “sounds grand and six-two.

Sam Smith Ed Sheeran penis gift
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It turns out Smith isn’t the only friend of Ed Sheeran’s to receive such a gift, as Smith later revealed that “Elton [John] was first.” Last year, John disclosed that he’d likewise received “a giant marble penis” from the Shape of You singer, in honour of the Rocketman’s 74th birthday. John suggested to his husband, David Furnish, that they put the penis statue in their garden (among the bushes for that 70s look, I presume), but the pair decided to hide it “in an area in the house where [their children] wouldn’t see it.”

While they’ve yet to release any official music together, Smith and Sheeran have collaborated on stage in the past, most recently joining forces for a duet of Smith’s Stay With Me as part of Sheeran’s London show. Earlier, in 2017, Sheeran said during an interview on Capital radio that he’d “definitely never rule out” a potential collaboration with Smith.  

Later in the Kelly Clarkson Show episode, Smith performed a live version of Clarkson’s song, Breakaway, which featured on the singer’s 2004 sophomore album of the same name.