Elon’s Musk: Tesla billionaire sells $1 million worth of new ‘Burnt Hair’ perfume

Elon Musk has claimed that he’s sold $1 million worth of his just-announced men’s perfume, ‘Burnt Hair’.

The Tesla billionaire announced the launch of the fragrance yesterday via Twitter, sharing an image of the ‘Burnt Hair’ spray bottle created by one of his businesses, The Boring Company. According to that company’s website, the ‘Burnt Hair’ perfume costs $100 per bottle, and will begin shipping to ordering customers in early 2023. 

The website describes ‘Burnt Hair’ as “the essence of repugnant desire,” and likens the scent to “leaning over a candle at the dinner table.” In his own descriptions of the product on Twitter, Musk deemed ‘Burnt Hair’ “the finest fragrance on Earth,” before questioning why he hadn’t ventured into the industry sooner: “With a name like mine, getting into the fragrance business was inevitable,” Musk wrote, “why did I even fight it for so long!?

Elon Musk Burnt Hair perfume
Credit: TedX

In the wake of the announcement, Musk changed his Twitter biography to “Perfume Salesman,” before claiming that he’d already sold 10,000 bottles of ‘Burnt Hair’. For those doing the maths, that equates to a one million dollar earning within hours of ‘Burnt Hair’ hitting the shelves. Speaking of the sales in an additional Tweet, Musk pleaded with users to “buy my perfume, so I can buy Twitter,” in reference to his fraught legal battle over the purchase of the social media platform.

In April, Musk moved to purchase Twitter for $44 billion, but later rescinded the offer due to grievances about the platform’s bot accounts. Later, Twitter sued Musk for backing out of the deal, culminating in the billionaire recieving a trial date for violating the terms of the original purchase deal. Musk backtracked again just this month, announcing that he does intend to purchase Twitter after all. 

‘Burnt Hair’ marks the latest in a string of non-Tesla products to be peddled by Musk. In 2018, he sold flamethrowers through his Boring Company, claiming at the time that they’d “revolutionize barbecues” (because BIC lighters just won’t do). Elsewhere in 2020, Musk created a pair of satin short shorts emblazoned with the word “sexy,” and promptly sold-out of the range within minutes.