Elon Musk has already breached the Twitter takeover agreement

Elon Musk isn’t supposed to talk smack about Twitter while he’s trying to buy it but apparently, he’s doing it anyway.

Twitter has decided to sell to Elon Musk for a whopping $44 billion but the takeover hasn’t gone through just yet.

It looks like Musk is already making himself at him while publicly criticising Twitter staff.

Merely one day after Musk signed the agreement to take over the social media platform, he responded to political commentators that were criticising Twitter staff.

On Tuesday night, podcast host Saag Enjeti shared an article that claimed Twitter’s legal head Vijaya Gadde had become emotional during a meeting discussing the deal.

In the tweet, Enjeti referred to Gadde as Twitter’s “top censorship advocate” due to Twitter’s decision to ban the sharing of a New York Post story about Joe Biden’s son.

Musk responded to this by saying: “Suspending the Twitter account of a major news organisation for publishing a truthful story was obviously incredibly inappropriate.”

We’re not quite sure what was going through Musk’s mind to prompt such a public bashing. Maybe it was the $126 billion loss in Tesla stock.

It’s possible that the richest man alive is trying to break up with Twitter in the most cowardly fashion, by getting them to think it was their idea.