Eimhin’s ‘7 Months In Space’ Unveils a Personal Odyssey

From Ireland to Australia’s Gold Coast, Eimhin crafts indie-folk magic with ‘7 Months In Space

Straight from the heart of Ireland to the shores of Australia’s Gold Coast, Eimhin is making waves in the indie-folk scene.

He draws inspiration from the unconventional spirit of artists like David Bowie and Elliott Smith, using his music as a canvas to challenge societal norms, particularly in matters of gender expression.

Fresh off a Video of The Year nomination at the Gold Coast Music Awards for “Lately” – check it out below – Eimhin unveils his latest creation, “7 Months In Space”. This introspective piece is a reflection on a turbulent phase in his life, captured through lulling vocals and acoustic strumming, culminating in a gentle embrace of swirling synths. Its sentiment-laden lyrics and stripped-down instrumentals evoke a poignant melancholy that lingers in the heart.

The song’s genesis lies in Eimhin’s experience at Melbourne’s Space Hotel, a refuge he sought during a challenging period. What was meant to be a temporary respite turned into an unforeseen seven-month sojourn.

In this transient haven, Eimhin found kindred spirits, fellow seekers in the journey of self-discovery, forging connections that remain indelible

Looking ahead, Eimhin’s debut album, “Modern Mending (of the heart)”, is slated for release in mid-2024, promising an even deeper dive into his introspective sound. But before that, mark your calendars for the “7 Months In Space” Single Launch at Dust Temple in Currumbin Waters, QLD, on Friday, October 13, 2023. It’s a night destined to leave an indelible mark in the musical tapestry of the Gold Coast.

Eimhin’s music is a testament to the power of authenticity and the resonance it finds in the hearts of listeners. “7 Months In Space” is a gentle reminder that in our most transient moments, we can discover lasting connections that shape the course of our lives.

Check out his other recent single ‘Lately’ vid below – it’s an absolute gem.

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